Other dating sites like okcupid

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Other dating sites like okcupid

Finally, to make the system really work, you should answer more questions about your personality.

You can answer thousands, but should at least complete two or three hundred.

Then, the cult-like front won't ever leave and uses very shady dealings to keep you there. You just keep looking at stuff, and sometimes go in and try something on, but you never actually buy. I was on match for a year and didn't get single date.

I tried to sign up for eharmony but they said I was unmatchable so they refused to let me. It's somew halfway between Tinder and OKC - you can only chat with people you match with, but there's more info about the person than Tinder. Tinder use by women in my age-bracket seems tenuous.

There are so many options in the big sea of online dating that most of us simply can’t invest the time and effort to really try all of the available services and find the right one for us.

Okc, coffee meets bagel, and tinder My favorite so far is coffee.

If they are not active, then they can't respond to your messages.

I discontinued after my year subscription but they continue matching me with people. I get occasional email messages telling me a woman messaged me and that if I want to respond to her I need to pay up.i hate eharmony. i get amazing matches during my first 2 weeks and then it's total crickets for 3 months.

As such, you can expect to invest a lot of time into crafting your profile.

After selecting some attractive pictures of yourself to showcase and answering a few questions about your personality, you face a task many of us would rather avoid: Give a description of yourself. You are expected to write at least a few free paragraphs about yourself first, and then fill in the remaining sections like “Aspirations”, “Talents”, “Hobbies”, etc.

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i deleted all my pictures before signing off, because i figured they were doing the same thing: matching my profile to people even though my paid membership was up.