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When he said he wasn’t going to get paid until it was done, and expenses came up — there were customs problems, there were tariffs, there were things I wanted to know more about.

I would always ask, so I also got to know his attorney, whose name was Peter.

Did he tell you he was based in one place, or was he moving around all that time?

He was in between Malaysia, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur — the hardwood trees were there and they were being shipped to India. So he set me up on a Yahoo chat, and we would talk for hours at a time.

Last year, the median loss reported was ,600, which is seven times higher than the median loss for other forms of fraud tracked by the FTC.

Most affected are people over the age of 70, for whom the median loss rose to ,000.

For me, it was a great way to get out all the grief I had from Lou dying without actually having to worry about a physical relationship.

I have 4,000 pages of printed volume that chronicle our two years together. I told him everything that was going on in my life: how I felt, how I felt about being married all those years, the ups and the downs and the disappointments and the love.

He had a sister and a son who were in London, and they were going to come here with him for Christmas.

I even went to the point of getting hotel reservations for them.

So I figured well, heck, if it can work for them, then I can certainly try it.

I’d never heard of anybody being taken by an online romance, I’d only heard the good stuff.

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The Cut spoke to the victim of one such scam, Debby Montgomery Johnson, now 60, who lost more than a million dollars to a scammer between 20._________ How did you meet the man who would eventually scam you? I’d been married for almost 26 years, and he had a sudden heart attack and died. Lou left [for a short trip] on a Wednesday, and I got the call Thursday morning. Lou and I had been in the military, and when we went off on temporary duty, we always said “Good-bye, and see you soon.” It was kind of like that.

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