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Numerous males and females will inevitably meet their soulmates.

There are no borders for different kinds of relations: long term or hookups, all works with

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But there’s no point using one where the pickings are slim.

According to our survey, these are the most-used dating apps, where you’ll have the best chance of finding a connection. We found that most people stop using their dating apps regularly after one great date, but 6% of those surveyed never delete their apps (more on that scandal below).

Most people on dating apps are just there to hook up, right? Over half of surveyed US dating app users have started a serious relationship with someone they met through an app. So here’s the tea: a lot of people with dating profiles are already in serious relationships.

We plunged into the world of online dating apps, went on a few dates, and got married to a Tinder match. That’s how we got our experience, but we got our juicy stats by asking 400 people across America to spill about their dating app habits, successes, and epic fails.Pro tip: If someone is harassing you on a dating app, screenshot the evidence, block the person, and report them to the service.Some forms of harassment—including threats, stalking, and obscene behavior—should also be reported to the police.The results gave us some heartwarming and heartbreaking glimpses into the state of dating in 2019. Our survey results place Tinder as the most popular dating app for both men and women, though women also like Plenty Of Fish.The app’s popularity spans different age groups as well.

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The service is used by over 1000000 members dreaming of interesting dates.