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However, there are a couple legitimate ones that I’m going to share with you.Read my Japanese dating website reviews to learn which ones are worth the time and effort…This site is by far the best option you have when you want to date Japanese women.It’s fairly common for them to message you first on dating sites and even pursue you.They are very keen to meet and you can have some good times with them.In case you aren’t familiar with the culture in this part of the world, I’ll give a quick rundown.Over here, white men have high status and are considered attractive to girls for many reasons.They are usually a bit more promiscuous than the average Japanese woman.This could be a good thing depending on your game plan for dating.

In Canada, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and other major cities have lots of available women.

I would stay away from the smaller dodgy sites though.

They are plagued with fake profiles and other garbage.

Japan, in particular, is one of the most popular countries where guys look to find a good woman.

I myself have lived in both Tokyo and Osaka for periods of time and have quite a bit of experience with Japanese girls.

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