Okcupid your looks and online dating

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Okcupid your looks and online dating

My roommate and I recently lost a bet with each other / ourselves and the terms of losing meant we each made OKC profiles and had to interact with them for a week.As my week comes to a close, I have received obscene/pushy messages in only the (there’s a pun in there somewhere).Some also feared that profiles with real names attached to revealing answers to extremely personal questions could also be seen by colleagues or employers.After some backlash, OKCupid clarified its policy in the blog post, saying users do not have to use their legal name and could use the name, nickname or initials they wanted to be known by on the site.I offer the advice above not only for a laugh, but also to help the women who really do want to meet someone tone down the noise:signal ratio, so it’s less wading through the molasses of grade-A womanhaters, and more actual, pleasant conversation.And when all else fails, I highly recommend adopting a pet from your local shelter.“I would not tell people my full real name until we’d been connecting for long enough that they felt safe. If the messages seemed weird, I simply didn’t respond to them.I know immediately when I get a message from ‘Love2fuk’ that I’m likely not going to want to read his message,” she said.

“It’s a terrible idea and makes it less safe for people, especially those who are already more vulnerable, like queer and trans people and people who aren’t ‘out’ about being on dating sites, for whatever reason and women.” When the Vancouver native was active on the site, she used a made-up moniker.

I totally get it, which is why I’m here to give the ladies in the room some sound advice, should they decide they want to try their hand looking for love on everyone’s favorite dating website: OKCupid.

In case you haven’t heard of OKC, or have blocked all memories of online dating from your mind, OKC is an online dating website that self-describes as “the google of people.” And the name isn’t too far off — there is someone looking for every kind of relationship, hook-up, and dalliance.

OKCupid wants people to get real about finding love.

The dating website announced it will no longer allow playful and wacky usernames like “AFunny Sassy Girl,” “Superlonelyman” or “Doritoprincess Xo” to be used on its site, instead requiring subscribers to use real names.

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