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They chronicled the case history of a disturbed former patient's hypnotherapy and psychiatric sessions: The recorded tapes were labeled Session 1 to Session 9, and were more and more chilling as they progressed.

Her repressed and hidden memories from her troubled past, brought out by hypnosis, revealed that the cause of her insanity was domestic abuse from her father.

[Factually, this would be impossible - Tim's organs would be unfit for transplant after poisoning.] Letters he had written to each of the recipients he had benefited were to be delivered to them.

In the tear-jerking, feel-good, emotional finale set in an outdoor park some time later, Emily met up with now-sighted Ezra - he was playing the piano for a student concert.

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He was on a mysterious and puzzling mission at various hospitals and rest homes to provide help to seven worthy individuals, although his motivations and actions were made to be appear officious and related to his new Dept. Will had stolen his brother Ben's IRS credentials, and was impersonating him to repugnantly investigate (or audit) possible tax evaders (or candidates) - indebted people who needed penalty-free tax extensions (or suffered from a terminal illness or lived in mortal danger)." Simon (with Mary's voice) replied: Presumably, the grief-stricken, deeply-conflicted Gordon - as a way to protect himself from the horror of his own crime - had in parallel fashion, been possessed by "Simon" and murdered his family, reflecting what Mary had admitted to the psychotherapist about her own murders.[Note: There was also the possibility that the abandoned mental hospital was also physically haunted by one of its former patients.] In the unforgettable, nail-biting, concluding climax, maniacal but methodical serial killer John Doe (Kevin Spacey) offered to confess.During their cleaning work, Mike discovered recorded audio interviews in a box marked "evidence" in a file room.In the film's scariest and most disquieting moments, he progressively listened to nine psychotherapy session audio-tapes from 1974.

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The grim and cryptic film opened with a 911 call to an LA operator, of an unknown individual who was suicidal, reporting his impending death in his Travel Inn hotel room: "I need an ambulance...

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