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Naruto ino dating

Did you not understand the part about me sleeping with her?” “I got it,” Naruto said quickly, “I just don’t understand why she would do all that because of you sleeping with her? However I do care for her, just as I do all the women I’ve charmed.The man had been chased to that spot by several ronin samurai most likely in the employ of the local governor.Naruto was simply minding his own business when he came across the scene.

“Well thanks, I guess you aren’t such a bastard after all,” Naruto said standing.” He trailed off noticing that the man was gone and in his place hung a silly looking doll with a note attached to it.Glancing at the note, which read, “Better luck next time.” The samurai rounded on Naruto shouting, “Where is he boy? ” Naruto shouted right back, “I’ve never seen him before.” About then one of the other samurai said, “Don’t lie to us he said you where his apprentice? Also this story is a lemon fiction therefore is intended for people of a legal age from wherever they come from.So if these type of stories offend then stop reading now. Chapter 1: Birth of and the first target Ino Naruto had a knack for finding trouble.

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He stuck her tongue out her before brining his attention towards Sasuke. He still had to figure out how this was going to work between them. She couldn't exactly move with Sasuke's arm wrapped around her waist, but she was enjoying the warmth, enjoying what they weren't going to have very often if her friends decided to live here.