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Goldman says many divorced guys in their 30s and 40s date older women because they don't want to disappoint a partner of the same age or younger who wants children.And your friend might be into dating a younger man, too.The Date My au format was created to deliver a new approach to online dating in Australia so we're not your average dating website.Everyone on the site is encouraged to have their friend write their profile description for them so you know you're getting genuine, no-nonsense write-ups about people who have real friends!"You can share with her, 'I don't care if he's X, Y and Z, but you might,'" Dr. A casual party or a drinks outing with friends is an easy, relaxed way to meet without the stress of extended one-on-one conversation. " They're meeting because they enjoy each other—not to please you.Say, "Meet and see what happens," and after they do, ask questions like, "What did you think of him? Only interfere if there's confusion after the first date."Tell your friend he's interested only if he expressly told you so." That's where interference stops. Coercing either to meet again could harm your friendship and put them in an uncomfortable situation. "If you refer a friend to a dentist you've been going to forever, and it goes haywire, you can't be responsible for what happens," Dr. Don't blame yourself if either has negative reactions to each other. "The only reason you should set up two people is because you think they'd like each other," Dr. "If there's any other motivation," say, you like the guy and want to be closer with him, "it could ruin the friendship." Before you act, assess your feelings for him.

It was getting serious with one of my Tinder matches.

"If you're well-intentioned, no 'selling' should be necessary," says Carol Morgan, founder of Carol Morgan Traditional Matchmaking in Boca Raton, FL. I think you'd like him.'" And if you don't know the match too well, be honest. If you're arranging their first meeting, avoid loud locales, Goldman says. Expressing excitement puts unnecessary pressure on them, she says.

"Avoid those overused adjectives and concentrate on the individual's character, integrity and core values." If there's a potential dealbreaker? "And explain to the guy what your friend means to you," Dr. The match needs to know how much you care about the person with whom you're setting him up. "The most important thing: They need to talk," she says, so no movie theaters. Three hours stuck with someone can get awkward," she adds. Dreaming of the speech you'll give at their wedding? Don't say, "I know you'll love each other," or after they meet, "Isn't he amazing?

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Including friends in the online dating process, makes it easier for the single to open themselves up to the chance of finding someone fabulous through online dating.

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