Mr mrs fresh dating

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Mr mrs fresh dating

That doesn't mean we have to give up our passion for culture, though.

I just decided, since we had a volunteer babysitter, that we would spice things up even more by taking it out into the city of Houston!

It's one of our favorite date night ideas for married couples!

Also, use a combination of cultural centers, restaurants, and grocery stores to really take it all in.

)The date packet came with so much more – Holi Powder recipe, dinner recipes for two Indian dishes, iron transfer art for tee-shirts, a sexy Henna activity, a list of Bollywood movies to add to your Netflix queue, etc.

– and we’re going to use these things to do on date night for a Holi festival date come Spring.

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Traveling abroad can really add up (though travel hacking certainly helps with this; go ahead and Swagbucks search that term).

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