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shared by other Christian traditions, our 2011 survey found. Mormons is 43, while the median age of the general population is 46. Nine-in-ten Mormons believe that the president of the LDS church is a prophet of God (94%) and that the Book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets (91%). As a religious group, they also are much less racially and ethnically diverse than the U. And 73% say the same about having a successful marriage. Additionally, 58% of Mormons say a marriage where the husband provides and the wife stays at home is preferable to one in which both spouses have jobs.Among the general public, most people (62%) express the opposite view, saying a marriage in which both spouses have jobs and take responsibility for housework and child rearing is more satisfying.Parshall Early Anglo-American and British Descriptions of Native American Skin Color: Updating a Recent Paper Faith-Promoting Rumor : Yakov Ben Tov Don’t miss this deal at Education Week Faith-Promoting Rumor : gwesley A note on the history of back-to-school blessings Juvenile Instructor : J.Stapley more Pop Culture Friday: Dread Nation Feminist Mormon Housewives : Tessa Fishing Adventures with President Monson Times & Seasons : Clark Goble Praying to Jesus at Yoga (A Very Tardy Tribute To Jana Reiss)By Common Consent : Guest#BCCSunday School2019: “Ye Are the Body of Christ”By Common Consent : matt b Monday Morning Theological Poll: Planetary Paragon Edition By Common Consent : John C.(Part 1 of 5)Gospel Tangents : Rick BCome Follow Me – 1 Corinthians 8-13Millennial Star : rameumptom Maiden: Film Review Millennial Star : Meg Stout Fair Mormon Conference Podcast #38 – Spencer Mc Bride, “Joseph Smith in Van Buren’s White House: Lessons in Electoral Politics and Religious Freedom”FAIR Blog : Trevor Holyoak Facebook bans Church website Millennial Star : Ivan Wolfe Can Anything Good Come from…Warsaw? (Part 7 of 7)Gospel Tangents : Rick BProphet Encourages Ecuadorian Saints to Make the Home a Laboratory of Love Mormon Newsroom Blog : more WORDS FALL IN- A Segullah Podcast with Markay Brown Segullah : Melonie Old Testament for Pre-missionaries in Phoenix, Az Ben Spackman : Ben SGuest Post from Brian Stubbs: A Response to Chris Rogers’ “A Review of the Afro-Asiatic: Uto-Aztecan Proposal” in the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies Mormanity : Jeff Lindsay Updated List of Items Prohibited at Church Zelophehad's Daughters : Ziff Is There Direct Evidence that the Early Saints Had Heard of Champollion?Mormanity : Jeff Lindsay John Gee's Troubling Review of the Joseph Smith Papers Volume on the Book of Abraham Mormanity : Jeff Lindsay Becoming One Through His Word Segullah : Jessie Church Rhetoric on Abortion and Why Members Are Generally Pro-life Zelophehad's Daughters : Ziff more A Review of Jonathan Stapley’s The Power of Godliness: Mormon Liturgy and Cosmology Worlds Without End : Christopher Smith NO BEATLE CUTS!

Parshall Through These Gates Keepapitchinin : Ardis E.When asked to volunteer the one word that best describes Mormons, the most common response from Mormons surveyed was “Christian” or “Christ-centered” (17%), and an additional 5% volunteered “Jesus.” The most commonly offered response by non-Mormons was “cult.” Among all Christian religious traditions in the U.S., Mormons are among the most highly involved in their congregations (67%), according to an analysis based on three measures of congregational involvement: membership in a congregation, frequency of attendance at worship services and frequency of attendance at small group religious activities.A Child of the Sea; and Life Among the Mormons summary is updating.Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of A Child of the Sea; and Life Among the Mormons.

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