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One or two suits and a tux should be just fine for him. If you are more introverted (like myself), Masonic functions can serve as a test ground for the “real world”.I know we ladies do not get off that easily; but, if you enjoy shopping, think of it as a bonus. I’ve become more relaxed with meeting new people and improving new social skills since being more involved with Masonry.Being married to a Master Mason grants you the ability to join any of the Masonic bodies that allow women: Order of the Eastern Star, Daughters of the Nile, Order of the Amaranth, and more.Usually this is the only requirement for the groups that allow women.One question that many Masons ask is if there is such thing as a Masonic wedding ring. You may, however, use any Masonic ring that you hold the degree for as a wedding ring.This practice is not common, and is really not recommended.

Most often, when folks search out information about this topic, they come across one of two websites; the Phoenix Masonry Masonic ritual, and the ever popular “Masonry- A Marriage Wrecking Ball” website.One of my favorite parts of my SO being a Mason, is that I have an excuse to get all dressed up and mingle, fairly often.If you and your Mason plan on being fairly active socially, I would recommend investing in some nice dress clothes.It can be hard to give up your SO for 2 (at our house, more like 6 with bar time) hours to people you may not know on a weeknight.I’ve found that the best cure is for Lodge night to become the nights that I pamper myself.

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As I’ve said before, I usually treat myself to a nicer dinner and watch a horror movie (which T hates). If you choose to get involved with Masonry, you may have to limit yourself and your Mason how involved you really are.

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