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On her site, she shares tips for workouts, travel, food, fashion and culture.After news surfaced that she was dating Di Caprio, she made headlines for a 2015 post in which she offered some capsule reviews of recent movies she had seen, including her future boyfriend’s film “The Revenant.” It turns out that Morrone, then 17 or 18, wasn’t impressed with “The Revenant,” Di Caprio’s harrowing tale of 19th-century survival.Maybe Di Caprio and Pacino could share some gossip with Morrone and Sola from the star-studded set of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” The film takes place in 1969, the year that Charles Manson’s “Family” went on their murderous rampage and killed at least seven people in upscale Los Angeles neighborhoods, including actress Sharon Tate on August 9, 1969.Di Caprio plays the former star of a TV western, and Pitt plays his longtime stunt double, according to Variety.Page Six said Di Caprio and Morrone began dating in December.She’s the latest model he’s reportedly dated since he split from Nina Agdal earlier this year, People magazine said.She liked Di Caprio’s performance very much, calling him “amazing” and correctly predicting that he would win an Academy Award.

She’s taken a page from other female celebrities and gotten into the business of lifestyle blogging.But Di Caprio and Morrone have been spending a lot of time together, and not just at Coachella this past weekend, Page Six and other outlets reported.They attended Ellen De Generes’ birthday party in February and vacationed in Aspen in January.Perhaps it’s an aspect of Di Caprio’s desire to drink at the fabled fountain of youth that the 43-year-old continues to date beautiful young women.Not only is Morrone just 20, her 41-year-old mother, actress Lucila Sola, is younger than he is. Mother and daughter have known Di Caprio for “many years,” which means that Di Caprio first got to know his new young girlfriend when she was, well, young. Sola is dating Di Caprio’s good friend Al Pacino, which means that she, too, is enjoying some of that older man dynamic. Given that Di Caprio and Pacino are dating the attractive mother and daughter, it could be fun to imagine the four of them on a multi-generational double-date, with Pacino at one end of the spectrum and the recently teenaged Morrone at the other. What’s a movie or piece of music on which they could all find common ground?

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She’s the latest model he’s reportedly dated since he split from Nina Agdal earlier this year, People magazine added.

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