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(Taking up residence in the Bahamas typically indicates that one is at a point in his life where he is ready to take things easy).

He is also the chillest ex in Hollywood that anyone could ever ask for, and his mastery of postrelationship etiquette proves it.

However, the couple decided not to walk through the aisle and ended their engagement.

Lenny also dated model Andrina Lima, but the relationship met the same fate as his past romances.

(The two were a couple from 1992 to 1997, and he produced her self-titled third album.) Sometimes silence is the most respectful way to handle a relationship after it’s fizzled, especially one that’s been over for more than two decades.

A lot of people forget about Kravitz’s relationship with Nicole Kidman and the fact that they were once engaged to be married, likely because they managed to keep it somewhat secret at the time.

2001 - 2003These two were engaged in the spring of 2002, arguably the height of their 3-year relationship.

Well, the couple had 35 years of the age difference, and she was a decade younger than Lenny’s daughter Lisa.

His big heart may be one of the reasons why Kravitz has remained hugely popular as a public figure.

Coupled with his super-cool, rock-star persona, it’s also not surprising the singer has had an interesting, and full, personal life.

Less than a year later, the engagement was called off.

Lenny Kravitz is a bona fide rock star with a relaxed sensibility.

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