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Learning dating ettiquet

Even if you don’t work in a customer service job, keep an attitude of customer service.Your colleagues and, more importantly, your superiors will begin to realize you're a go-to person if you’re almost always pleasant.Thank you so much for coming out to Ave Maria tonight, what you taught me tonight will impact me for years to come.It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, I wish you all the best. Nonnie is a certified US and Asian Etiquette Consultant.Please and thank you still have a prominent place in the business world and you should use them at every opportunity.By using common courtesies, you demonstrate you respect the people with whom you're dealing.

It’s a set of norms widely accepted as appropriate behavior.She is a past member of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI Chicago), Strathmore’s Who’s Who, the chamber of commerce in Lafayette, Indiana, Association of Women Business Owners in Lafayette, and the board of directors at Thomas Duncan Community Hall.For seven years, she wrote an etiquette column for the Lafayette, Indiana Journal & Courier newspaper.In many workplaces and career fields, there is an expectation you will work with other people on projects during the course of your employment.It’s sometimes tough to get along with varying personalities and that's precisely why clear communication is so important.

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The generally accepted rule is to dress like the client or one step above, but double-check with your supervisor.

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