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Your conscious mind creates the ideal, then imprints it onto the subconscious mind, which relays the goal to Universal Mind and puts it to work to attain the goal.Also, put as much emotion into your visualization as possible, remember thought and feeling.However, if you are already swaying towards skepticism, please save this article for a time when you are desperate for change or at least confident that this method could work for you.

But if you can go into the reading with an open mind and are willing to try the methods described with the intention to attract in your life amazing things, please proceed.

Your responsibility is to have the will, not the way. Anyways, keep building the fantasy until you have a series of events that you can visualize happening everyday. The fantasy doesn’t have to be split up into goal sections either, in fact, combining goals in one fantasy is encouraged.

For example, if your three goals are losing weight, finding a job, and getting a new BMW, visualize your very thin self driving to your new job in your new BMW.

When something that would give you tremendous joy occurs in your fantasy, smile and feel that happiness. If you come across something that could be an opportunity to achieve success in your goal, seize it.

If it’s your ideal life, you should be smiling for a good amount of the time you’re visualizing, right? For example, if you are a guy visualizing yourself on a date with a beautiful girl and you run into an old friend who got hotter over the years, ASK HER OUT.

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I’m getting to far ahead of myself already, so here are the basics:1. This is by far the hardest part of the whole process, believe it or not. Some people take walks, some sit in the dark, and some meditate in parks.

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