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Her scenes would ultimately be cut from the film, aside from a brief profile shot where she sits between Jarod, Griff, and Beau in Bodangles. With that sensibility in place, I looked forward to watching Another Gay Movie.

The series debuted on September 24, 2010, with episodes airing on Fridays following CSI: NY before being moved to Wednesdays at p.m. Boys on Film crosses the Atlantic to bring you a bevy of intriguing and genre-busting shorts from the land of the free.

At times "This Boy's Life" is quite disturbing with abuse being dished out to Toby and his mother, especially when you think that these events actually happened.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of people would be able to compare their own situation to the one demonstrated in the movie.

Starring Michael Cassidy (Smallville, The OC), Aaron Michael Davies (Another Gay Sequel), Donald Cumming (The Virgins) and porn star Brent Corrigan, these award-winning shorts from East coast to West side reveal that there is more to these American boys than meets the eye. Recently, he has ended his first relationship, however, he's not dealing with it very well.

He resolves that quitting dating is the only option to prevent his heart from breaking again.

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In the next scene, we see Griff striping off his clothes, along with Jarod, who is completely dressed again. Well, Another Gay Movie is crazy and rude but it ain't funny. Everyone is trying way too hard in this film - from the writer and director to production designer to the hapless actors - all of whom look lost in this hyperactive, grindingly loud pseudo-comedy.