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James gunn dating

It reinforces yet again that social media is a fine place to wish people happy birthday and sell things, but the need to foist personal opinions that stick like napalm, is potentially a career ending decision.

That is nothing compared to some of the tweets unearthed by Cernovich, which included suggestions that readers email Disney, to complete the takedown.The first sign of the potential damage here came with the racist Roseanne tweet directed toward Valerie Jarrett that got her tossed off the revival of the sitcom that bore her name.She has been apologizing and rationalizing since, but that sitcom was the bright spot in the ABC schedule, and the Disney-owned network made the hard call to drop her, same as it has Gunn.PREVIOUS: James Gunn has been removed as director of the series after a batch of old social media dispatches were unearthed that touched on areas like pedophilia and rape.In the latest shocking #metoo development in the entertainment industry, Gunn was severed from the Marvel Comics Universe after a slew of social media posts he wrote before getting Guardians of the Galaxy surfaced.

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That left him a sitting duck for his retroactive social media commentary.

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