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The show consisted of two world premieres and one US premiere, as well as a Hubbard Street favorite.The show featured the US premiere of Crystal Pite's .He's also become something of a master at crafting stories that not only make it damn near impossible to predict the ending, but the journey itself is an intricately woven garment made of stitching that never quite goes in a straight line and is just as much of a mystery.Continue reading this entry » — , Black Ensemble Theater's contribution to holiday celebrations, is subtitled "A Tribute to Women of Soul." And it's a worthy tribute to those talented and charismatic singers, with performances of songs of the '60s and '70s by Roberta Flack (Melanie Mc Cullough), Nancy Wilson (Rhonda Preston), Gladys Knight (Rashada Dawan) and Aretha Franklin (Shari Addison).That was just about the time that the elite collectors woke up and began buying Warhols.Continue reading this entry » — For more than a few raving cinephiles, watching a Quentin Tarnatino film is a bit like going on a scavenger hunt through the filmmaker's personal movie library. the audience) must teach themselves enough about a certain type of film history to catch all of the references.

I didn't care about them in the comic books, and nothing that's been presented about them in two movies has made me care about them any more.I'm a great admirer of other performances by Campbell Scott and Embeth Davidtz, who play Richard and Mary Parker, but they do nothing for me in these films.And no, simply eliminating all scenes and references to them in doesn't come close to solving the problems I had with it, but it would have shortened an overlong movie to a more suitable length and made what doesn't work seem far less painful.Can Steppenwolf's Bruce Norris, the Pulitzer-winning playwright of A lot can be said about the current film culture's emphasis on leaning heavily into the realm of nostalgia — not story, not character development, but simply giving audiences flashes of what we're familiar with and allowing that to pass for something new.Say what you want about his take on the franchise, but I was at least happy that, by creating a time travel understory, J. Abrams effectively let it be known that anything could happen from this point forward.

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The danger of watching any movie this way is that some may get so excited about identifying the references that they mistake this sense of accomplishment for the film actually being good.

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