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Is there one mystery as a fan that you'd like to have answered at the end?

There was a lot of talk about how Claire's baby, Aaron, was a big key to why we're all there and what's going to happen and that he could be the element of letting us know that.

: D He admitted with Seventeen Magazine interview that he have a crush on Kristen, and he dreamed about her lately.

when they were dating Robert dumped her for Emily de he has such bad taste.

Not that he doesn't relish being Edward Cullen or feel loyal to his fans, but he still hasn't figured out how to cope with being an international icon in an era when it seems impossible to escape the public eye.“Everybody knows where everybody is,” he says. Some people were glancing over at us in the restaurant, and he just went over and introduced himself.

I'd been playing her for four years, so it was kind of like riding a bike. But when I'm coming back to the Island, I'm coming back in a pretty unexpected way and there's a whole other Claire for me to explore and play with, which has been so much fun, but also getting to play with who I was, with flashback stuff. Without being murdered in my sleep due to exposing secrets of the series, it's a different Claire, a different side of her, one I never thought I'd be playing. Did you watch the fifth season while you were away?

That gave another side to the mystery for me, but there's already enough bloody mystery going on, isn't there?when they were dating Robert dumped her for Emily de he has such bad taste. Tyler (Robert Pattinson) is in one of the world trade centres (twin towers) as the attacks started.Everyone is shown looking at the incident as Tyler unfortunately passes away because of the 9/11 attacks. Just who the heck do you think you are, flashing that cute smile, dangling that gorgeous hair and flaunting those long legs in those impossibly short shorts?She's just doing her job by making out with Robert Pattinson, but that is not likely to get Emilie removed from the hit lists of adolescent girls everywhere.

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  1. She established herself in the 1990s with leading roles in the romantic comedies While You Were Sleeping (1995) and Hope Floats (1998) and the thrillers The Net (1995) and A Time to Kill (1996).