Is dating a close friend a good idea sex usa east asia dating

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Is dating a close friend a good idea

Dating, getting to know someone, getting into a relationship and taking it to the next level, takes time and needs patience.

Compatibility is also an issue, it's not just enough to have similar tastes or turn-offs.

A seemingly innocent question but with all questions pertaining to relationships, there is never a simple Yes or No.

But to really see something, you have to look at it from afar. So what's the answer, have all the "benefits" of a relationship but not "be" in one?

This is the basic idea behind the "friends with benefits" type of relationship.

With a "friends with benefits" relationship, the friendship is already there, so the ice is broken.

You know the person, you are friends, likes and dislikes, issues and habits etc. Comfort levels and an understanding between the man and woman are already established in advance. But between a man and woman, things are never simple or standardized.

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