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Is bill kaulitz dating angela merkel

The result of these re-recorded songs was Tokio Hotel's debut English album, titled Scream.

The album was released in Europe in mid-2007 (albeit with the name Room 483, the literal translation of Zimmer 483, to express its continuity with that album), however it did not reach release in the West until mid-2008.

Listing and Schäfer were friends and after the show, having liked what they heard and saw, made an offer to join.

The band was promptly renamed "Devilish" due to an article published at the time that referred to their "devilishly great" sound.

:) because the goddess Flora blessed Mrs Kaulitz with a…

The year the brothers turned twelve, they met Georg Listing (then 14) and Gustav Schäfer (then 13), in the audience of one of their shows.According to Kaulitz in several interviews, he and Tom started writing music at the age of seven years.At the age of ten the brothers began performing live in Magdeburg, near their hometown of Loitsche They played small shows and while their audiences enjoyed them, they were largely unknown.Their first single from Schrei was "Durch den Monsun" ("Through The Monsoon"), which reached #1 in Germany within a month of its release.Tokio Hotel launched their debut tour in Germany, to support the release of Schrei and its singles. On stage, Kaulitz was noted and well known for his energetic style and harmonizing with the fans (he would frequently let the audience sing verses instead of him).

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The band, with the exception of Kaulitz, came on the stage and apologized for the show being cancelled.

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