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I was glad they did the Q&A, although I really didn't learn nothing that new from that part of the program.It was lovely Beacon Theatre - New York Anderson was amazing what a beautiful person he is he made my day and Andy what a character funny over all I am thankful for the day and the employee they where excellent ♥️SO ENTERTAINING AND FUN!! We had third row seats and they started from the back to the front, so waited hour to get to us. Fine Memorable Evening Beacon Theatre - New York I had a delightful time with Andy and Anderson. They said they would statt with first row and go back.

He was only 10 years old when he started modelling for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.They changed it up, plus Anderson shared with us stories about his wonderful Mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, who he had just lost that week, and Andy shared stories and pictures of his new little son, Benjamin!We cried, laughed, and just listened to them talk the whole time. I would highly recommend the show to anyone who asks! Beacon Theatre - New York An intimate evening with AC2 was so much fun--a true party in a theater!Beacon Theatre - New York Anderson and Andy were amazing from beginning to end. The night went by so quickly, I am sure they could have gone on for many more hours. I thought it was fun listening to Andy and Anderson tell stories, make fun of themselves and each other.Both share life history from the past and what they are working on today. I did the VIP ticket and it was well worth the price!! They told great stories I wouldn’t otherwise have known and felt like we got a chance to see Anderson offline.

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Early assignments in conflict zones throughout Asia and Africa made him even more determined to bring attention to the world's most urgent stories.

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  1. Kibum and older brother Kim Hyung Jun setup Hn B Company together on December 29, a character business based on his original creation, Piro Piro and Siro Siro, and made much effort to promote the business, at the same time performing on his solo activity.