Intimidating translate russian

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Intimidating translate russian

And yet, despite its international prowess, there is a severe lack of interest in wanting to understand Russia; its culture, its people, and its language. It's often because they are not comfortable speaking and travelling in English.If you go to the list of countries by English speaking population and sort it, you will find Russia near the very bottom with only 5.5% of the population claiming English as a first or second language.It's true that traveling in Russia can be quite difficult on account of the Cyrillic alphabet, visa restrictions, and the lack of English speakers.But consider what bucket-list worthy items we're missing out on if we don't even try: Couple that with the fact that Russian opens doors to communicating with people in the Eastern block (I've gotten by with Russian in Poland and the Czech-Republic) and you've got a world of opportunities.

Russia is a country rich in history, culture, and traditions.My Russian has been at all sorts of levels from when I was just starting out and only knew a few words to now where I am proficient in everyday conversation, and I can tell you that never once did anyone turn their back on me on account of my level of Russian.Westerners, unfortunately, often harbor the opinions that Russians are cold, crude, and downright unpleasant.Westerners tend to gravitate towards other Western languages like French and Spanish due to their familiarity, but the fact is a much larger proportion of people in those countries can at least communicate in English if need be.In Russia, however, you have over 140 million people that downright will not understand you if you don't speak even a little Russian.

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I would study sites like Russian For and listen to Russian radio on Listen Live.