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You can use surveys for: Before you start writing questions in your survey, think about the end-goal and what you are trying to achieve with the survey results.Voice of customer data is a research strategy aimed to help you discover what your customers think of your business, product or service.The term itself was first used by Abbie Griffin and John R.And there’s the same amount of praise being heaped on Zappos customer service as well. You can use it to improve customer loyalty, satisfaction rates and tangible outcomes as well through increased sales, referrals, and retention. The secret to retaining customers isn’t a price or product.In other words, it proves the correlation between using customer feedback and achieving higher business growth. It’s the customer experience (CX) that your company offers.

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Gartner research recently discovered that collecting customer feedback can increase upselling and cross-selling success rates by 15% to 20%.