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Yes, you happen to be a single mom but [right now] you want to focus on being a single woman," to get the most out of your dating experience.

She advises her single-mom clients to develop a rapport with someone they're interested in before bringing up their roles as parents.

She thinks that, as a single mom, the sooner you bring this up with someone new, the better.

"For some people, kids are 100 percent a deal breaker so by not mentioning them, you’re wasting both of your time," she tells Elite Daily.

Online dating opens up a whole new and exciting world of unfamiliar faces and potential dates.

"When someone meets you and sees that you are a strong, independent woman a wonderful mother who values family, they will want you and your child." Admittedly, the risks of talking about your kids before you meet someone in person are greater for the kids than they are for you.

Trombetti, who also works as a relationship investigator, says that online predators might target single moms for a number of reasons, including low-risk burglary and pedophilia.

If you don’t mention your kids in your profile, Bilotta says you at least need to bring them up in your messages before your date.

Lying by omission is technically still lying, which isn't a great start to a potential, new relationship.

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Let's just say, if I were a single mom using dating apps, I wouldn't want to date childless-me — she's a mess.