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Integrating updating domain knowledge data mining

A feature of detection-based research is using the extrapolation method to explore the Earth.For instance, geochemists use local geochemical data to invert the process of Earth evolution and geodynamics [4, 5].Knowledge graphs, as proposed by Google, are semantic networks with directed graph structure, which have provided new ideas to extract and represent the text information.The words representing the major entities and relationships carry the key information in a document.Even if a researcher has only the basic skills in programming, he or she will be able to make a deep research using these libraries.

For instance, the Music Brainz [28], Uni Prot KB [29], and Geo Name [30] are knowledge graphs in the music, biology, and geography fields, respectively.The obtained data from different sources may be recoded in diverse formats, such as text files and scanned images.It is necessary to transform the data into an organized, computer-readable format. It has not only domain-specific terminology but also a deep intersection with mathematics, chemistry, and physics, which form a series of distinctive subdisciplines, such as geophysics, geomathematics, geochemistry, paleobiology, and more [1, 2, 3].Thanks to the rapid development of detection techniques in the micro- and macroscales in the past decades, both the volume and quality of geoscience data have been improved greatly.

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Important information and knowledge are recorded in unstructured textural form and thus hidden in the geological literature.