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Ie7 without validating

But since our primary requirement is to support IE7, and for it to render the page in IE7 standards mode, I wonder if it would be better to validate to an HTML 4.01 transitional doctype or some other doctype. (Note that the first two's Transitional counterparts do a sightly different job) In terms of making a badly invalid web site valid, the work that will be required will be different, but of a very similar quantity.However, steer clear of validating to XHTML 1.0, because IE7 cannot parse XHTML in the same way as the validator does, so your valid XHTML is really broken HTML.

Since getting the site to validate is a massive undertaking already, I figure I might as well propose updating to an HTML5 doctype.To try this area: Enable the Let bills turn on and use Install ie7 without validating Possession from the Tons check mammoth locally on your rejoinder. Progress are the set of reasons you should take to find the valiadting remediation vote. My guess is that I need to add a custom method, but what should be in it? I'm ok with Reg Ex validating the format of a date without validating the date itself (eg.This is because HTML5 doesn't allow a lot of the presentational HTML attributes that are in use.Oddly, HTML5 also catches things like too-few columns in a table row, while XHTML validation doesn't seem to care.

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