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Homer laughlin dating marks

The plant was built on land purchased from Benjamin Harker for 0. By 1877, Shakespeare, the younger brother, was ready to move on to pursue other interests. Key customers contributing to the company's rapid growth included the F. Woolworth Company, the country's fastest growing variety (5 & 10 cent) store chain, and the American Cereal Company of Chicago, who was packing oatmeal bowls in Mother's Oats boxes as fast as Homer Laughlin could produce them.

A suspension bridge was built across the Ohio River, connecting the new community with East Liverpool and a trolley line was built to transport pottery workers across the river.

Local potters saw the need for change and the East Liverpool City Council offered ,000 in seed money to someone who would build and operate a pottery for the production of white ware.

The Laughlin Brothers submitted a proposal which was accepted by the Council and a two kiln plant was built on the banks of the Ohio River in 1873. The Laughlin Brothers quickly gained a reputation for quality and, in 1876, their white granite ware won an award at the United States Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Within two years, a second plant was built in the East End of East Liverpool, expanding further to three East End plants by 1903.

Firms without the resources would soon whither and die.

In 1923, Homer Laughlin announced that they would build yet another new plant, this time with tunnel kilns. At about this same time, the intermittent kilns at plants 4 & 5 were replaced with tunnel kilns.

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In 1927, plant #7, equal in size to plant 6, was opened.