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Hindus woman dating loving

Yes I did marry someone who is also white, someone with a very similar ethnic background to mine, and someone who is not Hindu. We clicked so well that my friends had no idea it was the first time we had met. After that party I didn’t hear from him for several months. I spent my entire twenties doing everything I could to get married. I am proof that interfaith relationships can work if you both have respect for the other’s beliefs.

In these troubling times, Al Jazeera spoke to five couples of various generations from different religious backgrounds about their challenges, hopes and achievements.

My family and Parvez told them it's none of their business and that was the end of it. Both our families were too stubborn, so we knew we had to run away from them. Despite my wife being Hindu and me a Christian, we've never faced anything because of our differences in faith, at least externally.

We fell in love with each other when we were in school. We knew it would bring trouble if people came to know a Hindu boy and Muslim girl were going out together. And one day, eventually, both our families found out. There was no other way for us to be together otherwise, and that's what we did. I don't think [being in an interfaith relationship is] that bad in some sections [of society].

The next time he contacted me it was to tell me that he had gotten married. But as much as I tried, none of these men were the right person for me. Luckily for me he is Taoist and Buddhist so his beliefs are not too wildly different from mine!

They tended to want their projection of what I should be rather than what I am. I have several friends who are white American women married to Hindu Indian men and it makes me really happy to see those relationships. We both have a deep love and interest in Eastern philosophy.

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In this case, as a partner you have more freedom to be yourself because you don’t have to be anyone’s everything. This aspect of marriage means you are likely to act at your best, said my Punei guest house mate who has been married for the past 2 years.“I love arranged marriage, gushed a 30 year old Bombay single woman I met on the plane.

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