Group policy not updating xp client

Posted by / 24-Oct-2020 02:51

I am also going to assume that you are familiar with WSUS and already have it deployed in your organisation…

This means that there is no additional software agents that need to be deployed to the computers to get starting using WSUS. You can set a policy at the very top level of your domain using the “Specify intranet Microsoft update service location” setting to configure every computer on your domain to point to the WSUS servers.

I also believe that even if you have bought and implemented System Center Configuration Manager in your environment then you are probably still better off using WSUS for manage you updates for your Microsoft software.

The reason why I still normally recommend that people using WSUS over SCCM is that the product overall is much easier to use and its just human nature for people to want to do the easier tool where possible…

This is fine if you only have few computers but once you star managing many hundreds or thousands of computers this quickly becomes impractical.

One of the options you can set using Group Policy is called “Specify intranet Microsoft update service location” which allows you to specify the WSUS Server name.

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I find that once an organisation does this they are amazed how this discovers a number of “hiding” computers on their network that have never been patched.