Greek orthodox christian dating

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Greek orthodox christian dating

This resulted occasionally in local variations until, by the 6th century, a more secure mode of calculation based on astronomical data was universally accepted.

This was an alternative to calculating Pascha by the Passover and consisted in the creation of so-called "paschal cycles." Each paschal cycle corresponded to a certain number of years.

Depending upon the number of years in the cycle, the full moon occurred on the same day of the year as at the beginning of the cycle with some exceptions.

Nothing challenges the credibility of this fact to non-believers more than the scandal of our division on this point of celebration.

Events in Jewish history contributing to the dispersion of the Jews had as a consequence a departure from the way Passover was reckoned at the time of our Lord's death and resurrection.

This caused the Passover to precede the vernal equinox in some years.

In anticipation of this common observance by all Christians, much was said and written.

What was stressed was the need to keep alive the momentum of the occasion.

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In the ardent desire to address this problematic and troubling reality, the following contribution is offered.....