Fugitive turns up on tv dating show

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Fugitive turns up on tv dating show

Closing Narration: When Martin Rowland accepted imprisonment for his crime, he set himself free from a prison of a guilty conscience and from a woman who had no conscience. A river which one day will turn the desert into Eden. Most manage to live with it, to walk in the world with others and live a quiet, normal life. For Richard Kimble, fugitive, another name, another job.

Opening Narration: The place: Utah, the hills above Salt Lake City. Giant machines and armies of men moving millions of tons of earth to make way for a river. For every purse, for every age, Reno has something for everyone.

Opening Narration: Now six months a fugitive, this is Richard Kimble with a new identity, and for as long as it is safe, a new name: James Lincoln. A place where strangers meet, where a new face is not suspect. Opening Narration: A man who has to run to survive finds respite sometimes in desolate places.

He thinks of the day when he might find the man with one arm, but now is now, and this is how it is with him. For the moment, this man is Steve Younger -- for the moment, a truck driver.

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The Fugitive was an American network television dramatic series (ABC, 120 episodes from September 17, 1963 to August 29, 1967) starring David Janssen as Dr. The difference between life and death for Richard Kimble is always simply his freedom to remain a fugitive.

Closing Narration: This is Jim Fowler, about to die. The other side of the mountain, of many mountains, a road twisting and turning into the future, without promise, without assurance for the man who must always go alone: Richard Kimble, fugitive. To Richard Kimble, temporarily using the name Jeff Cooper, it has been a sanctuary, but a fugitive knows that a sanctuary becomes a trap if he stays too long. Stanley Lazer that he believed everything you said in there this afternoon was true. Richard Kimble: It's not their fault that you're seventy years old. And even a man running from the law must pause occasionally for the routine of everyday life.

A man on the run must sooner or later become tied to a town. Even in the fashionable remoteness of Indian Lake Lodge, that fear haunts this clerk who calls himself Stu Manning.

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Closing Narration: Tomorrow, the Westborne Clarion will have a new editor. But ten days have passed, and now hope has turned to despair. For 30 years, breeding America's finest Irish Setters. Closely guarded, protected from the outside world by lock and key. Closing Narration: You took a chance for someone and it worked out for him. Opening Narration: Countless weeks and months of running. Opening Narration: A miracle is defined as an effect in the physical world which surpasses all known human powers.

Traps are of many kinds: of wood, of steel, of words. Why is Stafford, Indiana a death trap for Richard Kimble? This city is where Richard Kimble lived for 33 years. Richard Kimble has found temporary refuge in the remote farming community of Black Moccasin, and even here there are questions. One man, as always, is flying for his life: Richard Kimble, fugitive. Richard Kimble has come a thousand miles on hope and the slimmest of clues in his hunt for the one-armed man.

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The California sun is hot, and there is a strange antagonism in the eyes of the other workers. But one which Richard Kimble tries to ignore in his effort to keep the secret of his identity. One of them, Richard Kimble, now wearing the name Larry Talman. Objective: to earn a large sum of money in a short period of time, and thus underwrite the next phase in the search for his wife's killer. Until he finds the man with one arm, the one man in the world who can help him walk in the light again, Richard Kimble must find his way in the dark -- a fugitive. Always keep running, always with the nightmare fear that one day, the chase will catch up with him. Opening Narration: This is the instrument, and this it's operator. It is twenty-six months since the escape, and still another city has become a blind alley for Richard Kimble. Either way you'll be a smart boy if you just sit there and behave yourself and don't try anything. Closing Narration: For Richard Kimble, another shabby room, another lonely night, another reaching out to touch someone he has met along the way. The quiet country road is a road to danger, the peaceful village or farm, a potential trap. Some will change their beliefs, but most important, he again believes in himself.