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We now turn to the experience of the assured yeomanry and vol- unteers. Another reason for the difference was the inclusion of volunteers for the ordinary line regi- ment with the Yeomanry in the assured investigation. In doing so, I have care- fully consulted the statistical matters gathered by our government.

Here a card was written for each of the 19,269 lives under observation, showing the policy numljer, the name, age at entry, date of entry, and duration. Although the large number were Yeomanry, yet the inclusion of volunteers undoubtedly tended to lower death-rate, for the latter were not placed in positions at the very front, but were for the most part 68 War Jiisks, with Reference to War in j S. used for guarding the lines of communication and in manning the block- houses. As army engagements differ so widely in places and manners of fighting from the engagements at sea, I believe the rate of the risk in each case also presents a diversity. 1898 2191 2195 2263 2.325 2324 2326 2325 2318 2310 2.341 2365 2396 2434 2452 3 1 6 13 9 4 3 2 1 3 4 1 3 2 3 2 30 13 9 5 3 2 1 4 7 2 3 2 1.37 .45 2.65 5.59 3.87 1.72 1.29 .86 .43 1.28 1.69 .42 1.23 .82 1 37 June " July " Aug.

The annual death-rates practically give the annual premium per £100 assured according to the war experience, including the risk from death from normal mortality, and make allowance for the return of a portion of the premium for any unexpired fraction of a year. Verschiedene andere Verzeichnisse werden gegeben und besprochen, die dann in ein Verzeichnis auslaufen, welches die jiihrliche Rate fur 100 Pfund fiir jede Altersgruppe angiebt.

They fell considerably below the rates deduced from the mortality of the German Army during the Franco-German War, and compare even more favour- ably with the death-rates experienced by the Northern Army during the American Civil War. Es wird jedoeh nicht vorgeschlagen, dass die Priimien zur Deckung von Risiko in Kriegsfallen mit dem Alter der zu Versichernden ver- schieden sein sollten. 2.03 1.22 .82 .41 .81 1.22 .81 1.22 .41 2 03 Aug " Sept.

PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF ACTUARIES HELD IN NEW YORK, UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE ACTUARIAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, AUGUST 31 TO SEPTEMBER 5, 1903 VOLUME I PAPERS New York PUBLISHED BY THE ACTUARIAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 1904 V. Frederick Schooling 56 The Risk-Rate of the Late Chino-Japanese War. Their experience, also, as will be seen by reference to the table of census returns already given, where it appears side by side with that of the United Kingdom, is the most important and progressive section of the whole, and bears such a relation thereto that conclusions arrived at from an examination of its character may be taken as substantially correct for the United Kingdom generally. dann die Freisassen und drittens die Colonisten, und eine Tabelle wird angefiihrt, welche unter Anderem die Sterbe-Rate pro 1000 und pro Jahr von Offizieren und Mannschaften getrennt angiebt, sowie die Rate fiir die gesammte Erfahrung zusammengenommen. " .78 .77 .38 .36 .78 Apr., " .77 May " 38 June " 4 1.42 1.78 30870 12 21 33 .39 .68 1.07 July, 1901 Auff.

I v- ; i^ TABLE OF CONTENTS VOLUAIE I PAGE On the Improvement in Longevity During the Nineteenth Centurj'. Warner 1 On the Improvement in Longevity During the Nineteenth Century in the Xetherhmds. Kotaro Schida 75 War Mortality in the United States. Without further preface, therefore, I append the table. (1) (2) .(3) (4 (5) (6) (7) (8) 1 19,269 1 14 15 .0.52 .727 .779 2 19,053 9 25 27 .105 1.312 1.417 3 18, .592 12 54 66 .645 2.904 3.549 4 5 17,643 17,218 17 15 60 62 77 77 .964 .871 3.401 3 . Es wird erwiesen, dass die Todes-Rate betrachtlich hinter der Rate zuriicksteht, welche von der Sterblichkeit der deutschen Armee wahrend des franzosischen Krieges entnommen ist und sogar noch giinstiger ist im Vergleiche mit der Rate der Sterblichkeit der nordlichen Armee wahrend des amerikanischen Biirger- krieges. " 2991 3091 3207 3328 3.395 3411 3437 3469 3497 3515 3523 3567 1 2 2 3 2 3 3 3 4 4 2 3 2 .33 .67 .65 ""!

It may be noted that the death-rate for the first year of the war, obtained from the Officers of the combined forces, was 7.8 per cent., falling in the second 3'ear to 4.13, and remaining almost at the same rate for the third year, namely 4.24. As already explained, all the official War Office returns assumed the period of risk to commence on landing in South Africa, and to end upon leaving that country. A mere consideration of the battles them- selves without due regard to those circumstances shall inevitably end in failure, for each battle is beset with conditions peculiar to it, and the rate of the risk necessarily varies from one battle to another.

From an assurance point of view Officers and men must nearly always be kept apart, and to give premiums founded upon their combined expe- rience is likely to lead Officers to imagine that a war risk can be covered by such premiums, and to be disappointed when they find out their mis- take. The assured lives on the other hand were assumed to commence their period of risk before sailing from the United King- dom, and to end it on their return; thus a number of Yeomanry were assumed to be at risk who were kept at home for some months before sailing. So far, reference has been made only to the risk of the actual fight- ing.

It is true the rates cover the risk of death from normal mortality, and they do not take into account the probability of deterioration through wounds or disease contracted during the campaign. i24" 1.366 1.490 May " 8,911 10 33 43 1.122 3.703 4. (1 (2) (3) (4) (5) (6; (Ti (8) (9) (10) (11) 17-22... The wars fought within hist ten years^ in wliich the most improved weapons and the most advanced strategy were employed, are those be- tween Japan and China in Asia, between Spain and the United States in North America, between England and Transvaal in Africa, and between China and the allied forces in the Chinese Empire. the estimation of the damage resulting from war, is one which many learned men have ever tried to solve. Lundgren 915 Valuation, in Actions for Damages for Negligence, of Human Life Destroyed or Impaired. Trefzer 1104 ox THE I]*IPKOVEMEXT IX LOXGEVITY DUKIXG THE XIXETEEXTH CEXTURY. For that purpose I append the following brief table. En analysant ces tables, on voit, entre autres, que la mortality due aux blessures etait beaucoup plus forte pendant la premiere annee de la guerre que pendant la seconde ou la troisieme. ' Mortality in the United States {Robert George Hann). Dawson 929 Relationship of Initial Expenses and Selection to Valuation. 954 Du controle par I'Etat des entreprises d'assurances privies. 963 Die staatlichf Kontrolle von Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaften in Deutsch- land. James Chisholm 1007 Forme donnee en Suisse au contrule de I'Etat sur les Societes d'Assurances sur la Vie. Rosselet 1057 Die Bedeutung des Priimienreservefonds nach dem deutschen Privatver- sicherungsgesetze. Broecker 1076 Die allgemeinen technischen Grundsatze, welche bei der staatlichen Kon- trolle der Lebensversicherungs-Anstalten im Hinblick auf die Inter- nationalen Interessen des Versicherungswesens zu beachten sind. Schonwiese 1095 Die technischen Grundsatze, welche bei der staatlichen Kontrolle zu beo- bachten sind, F. In any attempt to consider the subject of the increase of human longevity in the United Kingdom during the nineteenth century, the first fact that strikes us is the remarkable character of the period under review. The surest n-ay of realizing this in its bearing on our present inquiry will be to glance at the growth of population, as shown by the census returns. Des tables comparent aussi les taux de mortalite pendant diverses periodes de la guerre. " May " June " 85 1 .28 .56 40431 6 29 35 .15 .72 .87 Total 133343 69 129 198 i .52 .97 i 1.49 Wa? 1902, the end of period of observation 5,923 Total months of exposure to risk 250.450 Average duration 13.31 months. The cards were first sorted into calendar months of the war, so as to compare with the figures given in the general mortality of the Imperial Forces, and then sorted into months of assurance for the purpose of obtaining monetary results, and of tracing the effects of continued exposure to the risks of war, in order to test whether the lives became hardened against disease as time passed. ASSURED YEOMANRY AND VOLUNTEERS Summary in Calendar Months. 76 The Rislc-Rate of the Late China-Japanese Ifar {Kotaro Schida). The first engagement on land took place in Corea in July, 1894, to be followed by fifty battles on more or less extensive scale, and many scores of skirmishes, that lasted over sixteen months. For the purpose of obtaining the Exposed to Eisk the age was taken as age next birthday at entry; the date of entry was taken as the first day of the month in which the policy was issued. The list was only terminated by the battle in Formosa in October, 1895.

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The importance of this feature of the war from an assurance point of view is at once apparent. 6,489 1 7 8 .154 1.079 1.233 Total 256,450 193 638 831 .753 2.488 3.241 It will be seen on comparing the death-rates of the assured Yeo- manry and volunteers with those of the wliole of the Yeomanry deduced from the otiicial War Office returns that the rates of the former are con- siderably the lower. Looking at column 10 we see again that the age distribution has on the whole very little effect on death-rates from "illness." The following Table shows the total for each policy month, combin- ing all ages: War Hisks, tcifh Reference to War in S. Other circumstances, such as the number of the soldiers belonging to the other side, the prevalence of the military spirit, the excellence of weapons used, the strength of the for- tresses, the more or less profound knowledge of topographical conditions, the supply of ammunition, the alnlity of the commanding officers, the effects of weather, etc., etc., all go far to influence the solution and merit the most careful consideration.

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