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To simplify taking a smartphone abroad, we recommend ignoring traditional phone and texting services and relying on free communication services that rely purely on data connections.

There are many data-based apps for messaging and calling.

Its one-gigabyte package costs .20, the 1.5 gigabyte option costs .80, and the two-gigabyte option costs .40. We would recommend the one-gigabyte option for a one-week trip, the 1.5-gigabyte package for a two- to three-week trip and the two-gigabyte option for a four-week visit. If you are traveling to multiple countries — among Britain, France and Spain, for example — you will need a separate SIM card for each country, and the costs will add up quickly.

In Britain, the carrier EE offers a handful of options in its stores, including a two-gigabyte package for .75 and a four-gigabyte package for .25. In that situation, contacting AT&T and Verizon to set up international roaming or tolerating T-Mobile and Sprint’s slow data speeds may be better than the extra trouble of juggling multiple SIMs.

(In wireless industry jargon, these are called prepaid international SIM cards.) Even better, some overseas carriers let you order a SIM card ahead of time so you can get it before your trip or have it delivered to your hotel.

Here is a guide to taking your smartphone abroad on the cheap, including analyses by Alekstra on the costs of mobile services in five popular travel destinations: China, Japan, Britain, France and Spain.

For a longer visit, it offers a three-gigabyte package for .64 that is valid for 30 days.

Among other options, AT&T sells an international package with a modest amount of data (800 megabytes, enough to last about a week) for 0, and Verizon Wireless charges a day for roaming in many countries.

First and foremost, to use a foreign carrier’s SIM card, you usually have to unlock your smartphone or buy a cheap unlocked phone.

Typically, when you buy a new smartphone, it comes locked so you can use it with only one carrier.

T-Mobile offers an app for Android users to ask for an unlock; otherwise, you can contact T-Mobile on the phone or through a web chat to request it. Motorola offers its second-generation Moto G, a well-reviewed cheap Android phone, for about 0 on Amazon.

If you get a foreign SIM card, you will be using a different phone number from your regular one.

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The summer travel season will soon be upon us, with notions of escape, unplugging and faraway lands.

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