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Form validating event not firing

Adding your code to the User Control solved the problem. It saved me a lot of time after I encountered this problem.Like others I'm sure, I tried creating a handler for the form's Closing event and then setting the event's property to false, but it did NOT do the trick. Cancel = Falseyou do this trick for all of the validating control events, then in the Enter Event of the Exit_Button that triggers before the validating event, you set the b Closing Form = true Then it trigger a cascading event and go to the validating event to perform the AND b Form Closing, and will jump to the elsewere you have the e.

That means the user cannot close the form unless the field passes validation.

Of course, there was lots of more cool features involved but for the sake of this post I'll keep it simple.

The code I chose to implement the above scenario involved the Validating & Validated events: However, all I wanted to do was exit the form in the first place and not spend the extra cycles querying the database or making things happen on the form before closing.

Why does Microsoft recommend this approach in the article on "User Validation in Windows Forms"? Auto Validate = auto Validate Setting End If End Sub I found another way to implement this solution First you declare a public property called b Form Closing as a Boolean = false then you include this Boolean in your validation code with an AND like AND b Form Closing = false then here you use Error Provider. Cancel = false AND will disable the validation and allow you to close the form of all the controls validating events.

( Unless I'm reading it wrong, it describes the problem exactly, but the solution doesn't work. Remember to set to false the Causes Validation = false of the exit button Also you can put it in the mouse down even or Closing Form Event, any event that triggers before the validating event. IT is so annoying working with MS buggy implementation.

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If something is wrong in user input I show a warning message. Cancel=true] to method the message is displayed twice (event fired twice). Thanks Mona [Grape City] Hello to all I'm handling the Validating event for one text box. If something is wrong in user input I show a warning message. Cancel=true] to method the message is displayed twice (event fired twice).

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