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There is some controversy about dating a 17 year old, with parental permission, in a non-physical, chaperoned environment but even that has been challenged under established Philippine law.Once the lady reaches 18 she may date anyone she wishes.Expect to get some raised eyebrows if you are 58 and your girlfriend is 18 but it is not uncommon in Philippines.By age 21 very few will be concerned by any age gap between the lady and her partner of choice.The things a Filipina look for in a man are stability, ability, personality and intelligence.Age is only important if it affects those characteristics.She will probably want children, but men have the capacity to produce children well into their senior years.

You’ve come to Philippines to find a young Filipina wife or girlfriend!

You should also consider whether you plan to live in Philippines or another country. Investigate the laws of your country before bringing a Filipina wife home with you.

Talk to mixed race couples where you live to see what your community finds acceptable.

Some Filipinas are more motivated by money than others. It helps if a man has the ability to father a child. He should be able to live with her in Philippines or have the capacity to sponsor her if he wants her to come live in his own country. This means physical disabilities you may have will be overlooked as your lady will enjoy taking care of you.

The partner to a Filipina needs to have charm, wit and intelligence.

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