Fake dating profile pics

Posted by / 25-May-2020 04:25

“Fiddling” with the facts could include slightly changing the title of their position at work to sound more impressive. These people are just trying to make themselves sound slightly more attractive.While these lies are not much of a threat, there are people who create profiles that are 100% made up.Scammers will use any tool that they have available to trick you into sharing sensitive information or giving them money.

If they only have one picture or multiple ones with cheap filters on them, then approach with great caution.

Not only in terms of scams and cons but real individuals, a whopping 80% of online daters admit that they lie about one or more things in their online profiles.

This could be their age, their career, their gender, even their relationship status!

The same could be said about images with a ‘stock photo’ vibe: perhaps they are suspiciously cropped, poorly enlarged or have a plain or white background.

Still the biggest giveaway that you are dealing with a scammer is when they ask for money even before meeting.

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They put up a convincing act in order to bamboozle naive singles and then proceed to empty the victim’s bank account. Luckily we know a trick or two for unmasking such charlatans.

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