Erotic chat bot game

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If you need a specific type of response from your user, make sure that request is made explicitly and simply.

In another survey that began with the same article, we learned that people want to know what they can gain from an interaction with the bot.

Public Good’s goal is to turn important news into meaningful change.

Think through both the overall goal of a successful interaction, as well as smaller questions you might want answered throughout the experience.It’s great that our bot could sift through nonprofits by location, but they wanted to know how the bot could help them interact with those organizations first and foremost.Validation assures users that the bot is working correctly, building the trust necessary to keep people engaged with your bot. Also, from a technical perspective, a confirmation step helps you link the response to your existing data.We conducted a small survey to test out “who” the bot should represent in order to gain the most trust from users.During the survey, we prompted testers with a Half of our 22 participants prefered A, with a fairly even spread amongst the other three options.

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For example, after we ask the user to input their interest, we will send a confirmation message to match their input with our categories and see if they match.

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