Emerge files need updating

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Portage provides very simple tools to install packages and the dependent packages with little or no headache.Simply search ( -s or --search) for the package you want/need then install, such as [email protected] # emerge -s htop Searching...The moment you emerge world you've got the latest version. But sometimes it happens that something fails and so you have to download all (or some) programs again.Perhaps the --newuse switch is unnecassary, but I'm often editing my so it makes sense for me.[ Results for search key : htop ] [ Applications found : 1 ] * sys-process/htop Latest version available: 0.8.3 Latest version installed: [ Not Installed ] Size of files: 418 k B Homepage: interactive process viewer License: GPL-2 [email protected] # emerge -pv htop These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... [ebuild N ] sys-process/htop-0.8.3 USE="-debug" 419 k B Total: 1 package (1 new), Size of downloads: 419 k B There are two types of upgrades, partial and full, or regular and deep.

(Which I hope is much more extreme than anyone needs).The reader is expected to know GNU/Linux at an administrative level.The emerge utility of portage provides the methods to install, upgrade and remove packages.emerge -av depclean //removes libraries or programs that don't have any other //dependencies because of an update.revdep-rebuild //means if something is broken by an update, it //recompiles it. Your process is correct though running every command is probably not necessary usually I just do a sync and an update world.

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You should really upgrade your Gentoo installation on a regular basis. This post attempts to help out someone that is trying to bring an unmaintained installation up to date.

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