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Dot dating codes for motorcycle tires

Having the right tires, properly inflated, is one of the most important things on your motorcycle to keep you safe. It’s important to understand what each mark or number means on a tire, but you should also consult with your owner’s manual before purchasing new tires.Despite fancy advertising, not all tires or tire sizes may be right for your bike or style of riding, be it sport, cruising, off-road or racing.An uninformed consumer thinks he or she purchased brand new tires when in reality those tires may have been sitting on the shelf for years.Even though the tires were never used on a vehicle, they are still several years old.That tire was on a trailer that had been sitting in a field unused for 10 years, and it showed signs of dry-rot cracking.It is unclear whether trailer tires should be replaced every six years since they do not receive the same daily punishment as automobile tires.If the letter B appears, it signifies a belted tire, and an R means the tire is a radial.

The tire shown in Figure 1 was manufactured on the 36th week of the year 2001.This measurement is inches rather than millimeters.The MC designates that this is a motorcycle tire, and the 67H is the load and speed index.When buying new tires, ask for the newest tires available, and look at the tire’s manufacture date.The manufacture date is a Department of Transportation (DOT) code of 10 or 11 characters embossed on the inside of the tire (see Figure 1). However, tires manufactured before the year 2000 have a 10-character code.

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However, automobile tires should be replaced every six years.

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