Document review and updating internet dating nz

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Document review and updating

It’s especially useful if I’m working on several documents at once, and really helps on projects where I am storing work-in-progress on a shared drive.

So version 1.0 gets updated to version 1.1, and maybe version 1.2, and so on.An alternative to version control is a living document.In a previous article I described a Functional Specification which resided on a shared drive and was continuously being updated during the life of the project.Magenta markup has the added benefit of providing an ideal ice-breaker for document review sessions – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to explain why I use it.The other mark-up dilemma I often face is exactly what to mark up.

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In Issue 2 Draft B, do I show just the changes from Issue 2 Draft A or all the changes since Issue 1?

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