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Derek casey dating

Derek and Casey have a competition with who is the best sister or brother.

However Lizzie has a problem playing hockey and Derek is the only one who could be her trainer and seeing as Derek is always with Lizzie, Edwin asks Casey for help about girls. Sam and Casey have been going through many make-up break-up phases, meanwhile Derek gets to go to a trip to Sweden if they win a sports game which Sam wins all the points, he only wants to go for the girls.

Casey finds her room in the new house too small to live in so she asks the parents to have Derek's room.

It turns out in a battle between the two "step" siblings to determine who will have Derek's room.

Derek is on the brink of failing English and wants to pick someone smart to work with on the same group assignment – like Casey.

Casey and Derek volunteer to organize Casey's aunt's wedding reception, but Casey's cousin, Vicki, is threatening to blow the entire thing apart because her mom didn't even ask her how she felt about the marriage.

But, when Emily advises her to keep in mind the risk of destroying her reputation, Casey decides to enlist Derek to run for her, since he is popular.

Derek and Sam are stoked for their upcoming performance in the Clash of the Bands contest at school and with them thinking Sheldon as easy competition, they can't lose...

Casey discovers she has a reputation as a grade-grubber and wants to rid herself of it by choosing a slacker to work with on a group assignment – like Derek.To pay Derek back for his many practical jokes, Casey pulls a huge prank of her own: stealing the office furniture from the new uptight Principal.Everyone thinks Derek did it with the new principal.A second incident happens when Derek insults her again and she falls into Marti's box in front of Sam.Soon, Derek connects the two incidents to Sam and accuses Casey of secretly crushing on him.

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She asks Derek for help on how to lie to her teacher to get an extension, but those lies tangle up so far, that the teacher ends up sitting on her couch in her house. When Casey gets attracted to Scott, Lizzie's soccer coach , he asks her out. Derek feels guilty after hearing from Scott that he's dating other soccer sisters.