Department of education consolidating private loans

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Department of education consolidating private loans

So Fi, short for Social Finance, is a top lender for those with advanced degrees, high incomes and serious career trajectory.

They look at a range of indicators outside of your credit score, including your degree and university, when approving new loans.

And finally, you want a trusted lender with good customer service.

While you hopefully won’t ever have any need for customer service, it is good to know someone is standing by to help when you do have questions.

For every new student loan approved at Common Bond, the company funds the education of a child in need through a partnership with Pencils of Promise.If you can lower your interest rates, you will save money over the life of the loan.The second reason to consolidate is to lower and simplify your monthly payments.Student loan consolidation means combining your existing student loans into one, new loan.This is a guide primarily for private student loans, though many of the same concepts hold true for Federal loans.

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The field can be difficult to navigate, so to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck, we put together a thorough list of the best places to consolidate your student loans. Lend Key is a top-rated student loan company and ranks as our best overall option, particularly for undergraduate student loans.

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