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Long before signing up to join the HGTV family, the pair met for the first time at a UFC fight over Memorial Day weekend in 2009."We got to talking about real estate.It just so happened that I was buying a house and she was a realtor at the time and she magically pulled out the card and said give me a call," Bristol shared with E! "I asked her out for coffee a day later and we talked all about real estate and each other and what we wanted."The mixed martial artist champ added, "I don't want to sound cliché but it was love at first sight.Elvers, commonly known as glass eels, are the young of the American eel.They are almost completely clear and only a few centimeters long, with a slender body and two black eyes on either side of their head.

"He's always got some input and he's really good with colors."As for what keeps this couple going back for more and more houses, the reasons are simple."When you take something that is a complete disaster and turn it into something magnificent, it's a great accomplishment," Aubrey explained to us.

After breeding in the ponds, alewives head back to the marine environment.

Newly hatched fish spend up to several months in their freshwater nurseries before heading to the ocean.

Alewives also are also an important seasonal bait source for Maine’s lobster fishery.

The Maine Department of Marine Resources estimates that the ponds above Bristol Mills have the potential to support over 600,000 adult spawning alewives.

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From May to September, the PWA Paddlers lead free weekly kayak trips around the region.