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Tanzanian Artist Ray C has left netizens questioning her relationship with the late Ruge, who was set to marry Nandy, after posting his pictures with cryptic messages.In the photos she confesses that she misses him, loves him and needs him in her life.

Ray comes off as a bit of a stalker, as he tracks Felicity's phone to meet her and try and convince her to take the position.Although she just started, after finishing this task, she tells Ray she wants to take a few days off, which he oddly accepts.One day Ray stops by Felicity's apartment early in the morning to run an idea by her, which Felicity is kinda surprised by and finds very unorthodox.Natuma msg, nakupigia, natamani kukuimbia japo kidogo upate nguvu sikupati.. Due to her constant posts of him, netizens believed that they were more than friends.Ruge najua huko ulipo Unaumia sana,najua unataka kuamka na kufanya kazi zako. Although she tried to hide it at first, she later confirmed it on an interview and his brother also confirmed the rumors.

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Ray comes in and after a beat, realizes that Felicity's crying.

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