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Datingbuzz south

Luanne says she'll tell them the truth if Carson tells Harley the truth.

Carson tells Harley she can't marry him because she's in love with Buzz, and Luanne spills the beans about the two having sex in the yacht.

Once she tells him nothing will ever happen between them, he agrees and says they should just be friends.

Chip shows an interest in Pudge but says he can't dance, and when Buzz asks Carson to dance, she tells him to dance with Pudge instead.

The two girls take a ride with Buzz and Chip to a local car-hop eatery, at the same time Melaina takes a ride with Big Bob.

Meanwhile, Luanne finally escapes her dance partner and runs outside to see the girls take off in separate cars.

Luanne ends up following Melaina and Big Bob, who are also being followed by Nadine and Suette.

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Buzz tells Carson that he doesn't believe she will marry Harley and forces her to confront her beliefs and rules she's set for herself.