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He reacted with horror when the Minibot warriors came to stop their evil activities, and the Combaticons combined into Bruticus.However, Powerglide, imbued with the dying dog's Scramble Power, defeated the giant using the "Minibot Warrior Spiral Attack".First Aid and Streetwise took control of Bruticus's legs and flew away with Blast Off, Vortex and Onslaught, planning to drop them off somewhere over the ocean.Blast Off later joined the Combaticons in hunting down an escaped dog on which the Decepticons had experimented.In reality, Megatron had Bruticus (and thus, Blast Off, we guess) reprogrammed to be more loyal.The Combaticons later ambushed the Aerialbots in a Middle Eastern country, and Blast Off heavily damaged Slingshot during the battle.He and the others then went off to help Megatron with his scheme to steal fighter aircraft from the country, and to protect his Giant Purple Griffin.Blast Off somehow failed to notice the Autobot insignias on the stolen and disassembled Slingshot and Skydive before deeming both jets "cheap junk" and leaving.

He then ripped out Ultra Magnus's power pack to fuel the engine.

As soon as Megatron found out, he forced Swindle to get them back, and Blast Off was soon repaired. Later, Blast Off was patrolling a litter void in Decepticon territorial space when he found a Skuxxoid on a rocket sled making target practice out of the junk.

After running the little punk to ground, Blast Off "convinced" him to give over his impressive blaster cannon.

No, he's literally and figuratively above your average Cybertronian riff-raff. The transplant caused the vehicles to immediately reconfigure themselves: Blast Off in particular went from being a B-17 bomber to being a space shuttle, of all things (though he still thought that it was a "crude carcass").

The other Combaticons could completely forget he's up here, orbiting so far above the Earth, distant and alone... Starscream called them "Combaticons" and announced their names as they transformed, but they didn't recognize him.

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In addition, the alien told him how to find the weapon's rare ammunition, death crystals, from Quig Mountain on the planet Dread.