Dating your doctor Free chat in denver

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Dating your doctor

This way, you can have more time together on the weekends that they are off.Medical residents must complete CMEs (continuing medical education) in order to maintain their medical license.

For example, consider scheduling most of your errands or appointments for the weekends that they are on call.

Drive into the nearest big city for weekend trainings or workshops instead!

My husband always has to remind me that for some of his rotations, it is perfectly okay for me to come by the hospital/clinic and spend a few minutes with him.

Instead of shrugging these events off as “work events” for your partner to attend, I highly encourage you to attend them together.

In addition to activities that are coordinated by the program, look out for other residency related events like when the job recruiters start inviting them to dinners or when individual residents host personal celebrations or parties. Not only does it give us a chance to spend time together, it helps me to become more familiar with my husband’s work environment and the people he is spending lots of time with!

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So, if you have the resources, find a nice vacation spot where your partner can train during the day and then lounge with you in the evening!