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Dating vintage butterick patterns

Search easily by size, styles & era for 1940's Swing Dance Dresses, 1950's Rockabilly Full Skirted Gowns, 1960's Mod Carnaby Street Fashions, 1970's Hippie-Boho Hip Huggers & Bell Bottoms, Skirts & Fluttery Disco Blouses, 1980's New Wave Party Dresses, and 1990's Career Woman Power Suits, you name it!

MOMSPatterns features a HUGE selection of authentic vintage sewing patterns for men, women & children.

Suffice to say, businesses who supported the NRA (whether willingly or for fear of public boycott) put the blue eagle emblem on their packages. marked on your envelope, you lucky devil, it’s pre- October 1, 1932.

The bulk of ephemera and enclosures I’ve found stuffed in pattern envelopes have been from mail order patterns.If you don’t have a nice clear mailing date in the postmark, like this… But, thanks to their mailing envelopes and the hard work and enthusiasm of philatelists (that’s postal boffins, to you and I) we can narrow down the dating possibilities quite a bit.Which is something my hairdresser did for me for most of my teenage years. Patterns for clothing, crafts, crochet, quilts, dolls and so much more! Contact me and I'll look for it in my stash of nearly 12,000 patterns! Browse recent and out of print medieval, gothic, renaissance, civil war period costume & wedding, cocktail & evening gown patterns.

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Although third class originated very early in the postal service’s history, it was not until 1928 that a discounted rate was set for third class bulk mailings. Like Indiana Jones, I donned my fedora and set off on that quest…

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