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Crucially, where Jokers past have been defined by their humour and sadistic insanity, Arthur’s defining characteristic is that he’s mentally ill.Phoenix engenders such powerful empathy for Fleck that some of the horrifying setbacks he faces, including a mental health care system that profoundly fails him, are genuinely upsetting.Pearl Harbor at 50 years remained a cultural battlefield capable of generating both pride and acrimony.The second portion of Rosenberg’s study, drawing more heavily upon the intellectual foundations crafted by memory scholars from a variety of disciplines, examines a number of new efforts to utilize the iconic status of Pearl Harbor since the golden anniversary.Simply put, Gotham is a powder keg and the Joker is perfectly placed to light the fuse.It should come as little surprise that Phoenix is staggeringly good here. Rosenberg argues that, even in the immediate aftermath of the Japanese attack on Hawaii, the popular rallying cry to remember what happened on December 7, 1941, had different meaning for different constituencies.Indeed, she asserts that “Pearl Harbor `lives’ less as a specific occurrence in the past than as a highly emotive and spectacularized icon” that served the cultural and social needs of the wartime generation and continues to touch Americans today.

Popular books such as those offered up by Tom Brokaw and Stephen Ambrose, chatroom debates, World War II relic dealers, reenactment groups and high budget documentaries — including a variety of well-received Pearl Harbor film projects — all, according to Rosenberg, ultimately helped to erase “the boundaries between entertainment and education and between memory and history.” The success of 2001’s blockbuster Pearl Harbor rested on its total embrace of greatest generation imagery, its willingness to downplay or ignore historical controversies, and its marketing campaign that reinvigorated interest in the good war in ways that continue to blur the demarcation between history and memory even today.That he’s found a fresh take on a character as well worn as the Joker is one thing – that it feels just as definitive, in its own way, as Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger’s indelible interpretations is another altogether.Physically and psychologically, it’s a horrifyingly funny performance.Finally, Rosenberg explores the ability of the iconic power of December 7, 1941, to shape postwar commemorative efforts, especially those leading up to the golden anniversary in 1991.Monument designers and organizers of memorial ceremonies felt the pull of the event’s multiple meanings: While many Americans continued to view Pearl Harbor as sacred ground saluting the valor of their countrymen who defeated Japanese aggression, others argued for joint American–Japanese ceremonies as a gesture of reconciliation between the two nations.

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The attack has been called up to support specific and often quite different contemporary political or cultural causes, such as efforts to link a Japanese apology for December 7 to a similar action from the United States for dropping the atomic bomb, the rehabilitation of Admiral Husband Kimmel from scapegoat to dedicated commander during the “history wars” of the 1990s, or the drive to make reparation payments to loyal Japanese-American citizens for the wartime disruption of their lives in relocation centers.

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